Compress PDF to 2MB


Note:- You Can Compress 3 PDFs At Once

You can compress a PDF up to 2MB with our free and online Pi7 PDF Compressor. In seconds, you can reduce the size of a PDF file without affecting its quality. Pi7 PDF Tool is the fastest online tool that can help you get a PDF file of the size you want. All personal documents such as ID cards and other documents can be saved in a single PDF file. Once these documents are compressed, it is easy to upload them to online portals.

Compress PDF to 2MB
Compress PDF to 2MB

In this guide, we will see how we can use the Pi7 PDF compressor to reduce the size of a PDF to less than 2MB. So, let's start:-

How to compress PDF to 2MB?

Under 5 seconds you can reduce the size of the pdf file. Follow the 4 simple steps given below that can help to compress a PDF file.

  1. Upload a PDF file for compression from your device.
  2. Mention 2MB PDF size in the input box above.
  3. Press the "Compress PDF" button and wait for compression.
  4. Done! download your file.

It's that simple to compress a PDF file to 2MB in just 5 seconds. Also, if you want to compress PDF files in other sizes, you can check the links below:-

Process Multiple PDF Files Simultaneously

Obviously, you can compress multiple pdf files up to 2MB with PI7 PDF Compressor. Here in this online tool you can process unlimited PDF files but make sure there is a limit to processing 3 PDF files at a time.

The good thing is that you don't have to set the quality of each file. Our tool automatically sets it to your size requirements. This feature of our PDF compressor can save you a lot of time and energy.

Thank you. We hope you find this guide useful.

You can use this tool with instructions in the Indonesian language as well.

Compress PDF to another specific size

We offer a variety of options for compressing your PDF to any size. Simply choose one from the list below.

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